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Words of Wisdom to enhance Life Experiences

Fixing the Basics First

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Lifestyle - How to organize ourselves?

Food Preparation, Pranic Food, Positive Food

FOOD - Why, What and How Much?

Sunset Yoga

Yoga - The Ultimate Union

Answers to Simple Question like : How much sleep we need, how to sleep well, importance of bathing, cleansing the aura, what to wear, how to wear, how to enhance receptivity towards life...

Answer to Simple Questions Like : How much food to eat, what to Eat, is Food really necessary, what are the types of food that enhances life energies, what food makes us lethargic, how to kickstart our day...

Answers to simple questions like : What is Yoga, Why Yoga is necessary, Yoga as a science vs. Yoga as a Process, Being One with the Universe, Setting the body right to enable it to download the universe.


Isha Kriya

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Shambhavi Mahamudra

Sun Salutation at Home

Syncing with Sun Cycle

Realize that I am not this body and I am not this mind. Our body is the accumulation of What we  Eat, and our Mind is the accumulation of what we have experienced.

Once you separate yourself from your Mind and Body, time to realize that your ability to respond to the universe is Infinite. Everything that is there, is there in this movement.

Everything around us has an impact on our body and mind. Our body is 75% water, and movement of Sun and Moon has significant impact on Water (check Ocean movement).