Clarity  - the secret ingredient

Difference between Confidence and Clarity 
Clarity the basic ingredient of Confidence

Confidence without Clarity is a Disaster

Let us say your physical vision is not good – You cannot see clearly – and you need to walk through a group of people. But you are very confident. What will happen if you walk through?


A lot of people are walking through their life like this because they are confident. They cannot see a damn thing, but it does not matter; they are confident. This is disastrous for you and for everyone around you. If my vision is clear, I would walk through the whole group without touching anyone. If my vision is not clear, at least if I have the humility to see that I have no clarity, I would seek help and walk slowly. I may not walk as quickly as a man who has clear vision, but I would at least go gently

























Citing Personal Experience On Enhancing Clarity


For most part of my life I have ​been going with the flow, not going what is happening or what is going to happen, just going with the Wind.

But for last 2 years, since I have been practicing Shambhavi Mahamudra, there is immense Clarity atleast in terms of What I want in my life both personal and professional.

I am able to take charge of my life, 

I have the answers, if not all, but atleast for some most intruding questions that enables me take charge of my life.