SLEEP - Increase Sleep Quality and Reduce Sleep Quantity

Tips to Restfulness
Busting the Myth about 8 Hours of Sleep: Sleeping for 1/3rd of our life, isn't  this a waste of Human Birth

Sadguru explains that what the body needs is rest, and not necessarily sleep. If the body is at ease while you are awake, the sleep quota will go down. He also looks at how the quality of sleep is connected to the quality of life. If you wake up well, you will sleep well he says.

Sadhguru says, 

  • Sleep means servicing time for the body : For body gets rid of impurities. Repair time for daily wear and tear on the cellular and energy

  • Maintenance downtime is proportional to damage done and Damage is directly proportional to friction in you.

Tips to Reduce Sleep Quota


1 Eating Fresh Food

  • Any cooked food must be consumed in maximum of ninety minutes. Else the food starts becoming stale causing higher friction within body thus requiring long periods of sleep

  • Think about when you go into a superstore and buy stuff. A whole lot of things there have been there for over a month. Then you bring it and keep it in your refrigerator for another month and have a bite whenever you feel like it. The doctors are prescribing that you must sleep for eight hours, otherwise you will not be physically and mentally healthy because even they are eating the same food!

2 Eating Simple

  • If you eat that kind of food which has the least amount of complex memory in it, it will become part of your system within two to four hours of consumption. That kind of food will lower the sleep quota considerably. 

  • If there is too much chemical content and synthetic stuff, the body is not designed to digest that. Even if one percent of the food that you consume is synthetic in nature, either in the form of fertilizers, chemicals or preservatives, the entire digestive system becomes a struggle.

  • A huge amount of antacids are consumed in the United States. That means what you are putting into the tummy is not suitable, for your tummy at least. Leading to Heartburn i.e. your entire esophagus is burning up with acids or for a variety of reasons.  


3 How Much to Eat

  • How keenly you manage your energies is what decides your alertness. 

  • In Yoga, it is said that you should eat only twenty-four mouthfuls, and you must chew every mouthful at least twenty-four times. This will ensure that food is pre-digested in your mouth before it goes in, and it will not cause dullness.

  • If you do this during your evening meal, you will easily wake up at three-thirty in the morning. In the Yogic system, this period is called the Brahma Muhurtam. It is an ideal time to do Yogic practices because there is an extra support from nature at that time for your sadhana. 


4 Don’t Sleep Right After You Eat

  • There are quite a few people who are in such a mental state that unless they load themselves with food and make the body dull, they cannot fall asleep. If you are in a condition where you cannot sleep unless you have a full stomach, you need to address this issue. This is not about sleep, this is a certain mental state.

  • 80% of the food that you eat will go waste if you fall asleep within two hours of eating. You must give sufficient time for digestion to happen before you sleep. 

5 The Right Position For Sleep

  • The blood vessels which go upward in the brain are a finer arrangement, almost hair-like, to a point that they cannot take an extra drop.

  • When you sleep, if you place your head towards the north and stay that way for 5 to 6 hours, the magnetic pull of the Earth will cause pressure on your brain because iron is an important ingredient in your blood.

  • It can result in hemorrhages and paralytic strokes. If your system is sturdy, you may not sleep very well because there is more circulation in the brain than there should be.

  • If you are in the northern hemisphere, East is the best direction to keep your head when you sleep. Northeast is okay. West is alright. South, if you must. North, no. In the southern hemisphere, don’t put your head to the south. 

6 Don’t Forcefully Deny Yourself Sleep

  • The moment the body is well rested it will get up, whether at 3 AM or 8 AM. Your body should not wake up to an alarm bell. Once it feels sufficiently rested, it must come awake.

  • If you forcefully deny sleep to the body, your physical and mental capabilities and whatever else you have will drop. You should never do that. You must give the body how much sleep it needs.

Citing Personal Experiences

  • I tracked my sleep using Fitbit.

  • Only two parameters are worth Tracking in Fitbit : Resting Heart Rate during the day and Deep Sleep percentage during sleep

    • Resting Heart Rate : During the month of Tracking my Resting Heart Rate dropped from 82 to 62 pulse per second, When heartrate was around 62, I was more restful and joyful and my mental alertness was sharp and quick as compared to times when my heartrate was 82.  ​

    • Deep Sleep : I usually sleep around 6 hours daily,  Initially, my Deep Sleep percentage was not more than 10-12%.  Now with the help of above tips and practicing simple lifestyle the deep sleep percentage has increased to 20%; not sure if 100% is possible but reaching higher levels is my target.