FOOD - What to eat first thing in the morning?

Neem & Turmeric
Energize every cell in your body; The cells are designed to create health

It is ideal to start your day with a small marble-sized ball of neem and turmeric and warm water empty stomach.



The neem tree is one of the most complex leaves that you can find on the planet. It is supposed to have over 150 complex chemical patterns within it. It has a tremendous impact on the human system. There are health aspects, energetic aspects and spiritual aspects attached to this.


















#1 Keeps the Alimentary Canal Clean from Harmful Microorganisms

  • There are a whole host of microorganisms within this alimentary tract. Many of them have turned friendly to us and we are able to digest food because of them.

  • Many functions in the body happen because of them. But still there are many who are harmful to us.

  • The uniqueness of neem – especially when it is taken along with turmeric – is that those things which can harm the body (such as parasitic life) get eliminated


#2 Transmits Energy Evenly Across the Body 

  • There should be minimal loss of energy between energy generation center and ​other parts of the body

  • Just like in F1 Car Race, each car has same sized Engine; however the winner is determined by who has maximum power in the wheels, the transmission is happening with minimal to no energy loss

  • Consuming neem and turmeric decides how the energy that you generate is distributed. It facilitates that your transmission of energy is even.

#3 Transforms One Dimension of Energy to Another 

One aspect of using neem and turmeric on an empty stomach is that it has the power to transform one dimension of energy within you to another.

  • Neem and turmeric together has the power to break down the sperm cells and make it into another level of energy which is called “ojas.”

  • If you are doing sadhana and your transmission is good and even across the body, when every cell in the body is encapsulated in ojas, you will be a glowing human being, in every aspect of that word, within and without.

  • This is something everyone needs to work at. This is not enlightenment, it is just that you create a platform upon which nothing can go wrong. The body and mind are platforms. What kind of dance you do on it is up to you, but having a perfect platform which does not throw you off is important​

#4 Cleanses the Body and Takes Away Cancerous Cells 

  • Cancer is not a disease, it is your own body working against you; certain cells have turned against you.

  • Periodic cleansing of the body is good to prevent this from happening.

  • Consumption of turmeric on an empty stomach is a very effective cleanser. This may not be effective after you get cancer, but otherwise, swallowing a marble-sized turmeric ball and neem ball first thing in the morning acts as a great cleanser and takes away the cancerous cells in your body. 

#5 Remedy for Cold-related Diseases and Blocked Nostrils 

  • Those who suffer from cold-related diseases and find their nostrils blocked every morning, will benefit a lot from the consumption of neem, pepper, honey and turmeric.

  • Crush about 10 to 12 pepper corns roughly and soak them in a couple of spoons of honey overnight. In the morning you consume this and just chew upon the pepper.

  • Mixing some turmeric with the honey should also work. And if you avoid all dairy products, your phlegm will go down naturally. 

#6 Dilates the Cellular Structure Allowing Energy to be Absorbed by the Cells 

  • Everything you borrow from the earth, including your body, has a certain inertia. 

  • The inertia levels will increase if the body does not allow a certain amount of energy to enter the cellular level.

  • Neem and turmeric as a combination dilate the cellular structure of the body in such a way that it allows energy to enter and fill up every crevice.  You can generate enormous energy by means other than sadhana, such as stimulants – like a strong cup of coffee or nicotine – but it will not dilate the cellular structure and allow the energy to enter the system to be stored and released over a long period of time.

  • When, instead of being stored, energy finds expression right there, it becomes destructive – not only for the body, but also for the mind, for the activity that you perform, and for the world around you. When we generate energy in the body, it is important that it does not simply burst out but that we are able to hold it and release it by choice. 

  • The consumption of neem and turmeric with tepid, light honey water is a wonderful way of cleansing and dilating the cellular structure in such a way that it is able to absorb energy. When you do sadhana, the dilation brings flexibility to the muscles. The flexibility helps you to slowly build the system into a more powerful possibility. You will feel it – as you do your asanas, the body will crackle with a different kind of energy.

#7 Health Benefits of Turmeric for Body Cleansing 

  • Turmeric purifies the blood and brings translucence to your energies.

  • Turmeric not only works on the physiology, but also has a big impact on your energy system. It purifies the blood, body, and energy system.

  • For external purification, just take a small pinch of turmeric, put it into a bucket of water and pour it over your body – you will see that the body will be vibrant and glowing.