Avoid Wearing Black - Black absorbs all - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Think where you are Wearing Black 
Especially when going to Hospitals or 

The Meaning of Color Black

If you are in a certain space which is powerfully energized and you want to imbibe, black is good.

Black does not give out anything, it absorbs everything. If you wear black and go to a good space, you will absorb that. But if you wear black and go to a bad space, you will absorb that.










So, not everyone is qualified to wear black. If you continuously remain in black clothing and expose yourself to a variety of situations, you will notice that your energies will fluctuate and it sucks out all the emotion from you and gets your mind into very volatile, imbalanced states.


It makes you into a silent suffering. You will suffer in such a way that you cannot even find expression to your suffering.

But if you wear black in a situation which is very vibrant and positive, you will absorb a tremendous amount of energy, which is good for you.

Bottom Line:

Black should be worn only if you are ensured of the quality of the space.