YOGA - The Ultimate Union

Golden Chakra

The word yoga means literally means "union" or "to merge". More than a set of physical postures or exercises, Sadhguru defines yoga as a science to determine the nature of who you are and what you want to be.

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Yoga as a Process, Yoga as a Science, Yoga as a technology, Yoga as a method, is essentially to break the limitations of certain concretization that happen which we call as personality.  Yoga is a simple tool to break that concrete structure a shell and allow a person to live in "Presence" as life is, as God is.

So yoga means making this shell thinner and thinner, that one day you can exist without a shell

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Sadhguru tells us about one of the fundamental facts of our life, that the seat of our experience is within us. Only if we take charge of our mind and emotion can we explore other dimensions of life.

The geometry of the atom in that of the cosmos is essentially same, only the complexity and sophistication has multiplied multiple folds.  What is happening outside can be experience within.

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